A Dragon Born

Venesha, the Enchanted Isle - Enter the Phoenix
A Dragon Born
by Michael Doyle

In the province of Henan, gungfu was born
To rise to defeat China's enemies as sworn
Shaolin's grace side by side with Tai Chi's school
Brought honor to their disciples' rule

A battle head was one of strictly set contest
Fighting to prevail, which of these was best
Glass is fought with glass, brick against brick
Who lives to win another day is the meanest trick

The seifoo's rambles his play on the Hollywood set
As a kick in the balls that we'll not soon forget
Less about the glory and never about possible defeat
These are the lessons hard learned from the street

Gungfu is about the disciple developed inside
Keeping control and avoiding anger and pride
The game is to get inside the other person's head
Fights best won are less painfully won instead

A chip held on the shoulder is just extra weight
Don't let it be the deciding factor that seals fate
Lessons whispered quietly in darkened alley ways
If listened to will allow you live yet another day

The lessons we need, we learn as we grow
Smoothly connected within gungfu's ebb and flow
Step by step, increasing in the ways and skill
It's not a matter of if but of when and will

Building up to fall as sadly torn down
Keeping true to your path wins victory's crown
There is power in the words spoken and unspoken
Held in discipline by the spirit unbroken

Every moment holds its deepest importance
As life comes to use every choice, chance by chance
Graciously shared over warm cups of tea
Life is lived strong when lived in all humility

In his penance the dragon is once again born
In the restoration of balance that others might mourn
But without this, equilibrium is lost in life
And all that is left is the path of increasing strife

(c) September 20, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Tlalli - The Fair Around the World - Asia 2020 - Enter the Dragon

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