Holding On to Legacy

Second Life Veterans Tribute 2019 - In Open Declaration
Holding On to Legacy
by Michael Doyle

There are some things to be said
That keep rolling around in my head
One of which must be said precise
That extremism in defense of liberty is no vice

Moderation in pursuit of justice is not a virtue
Nor can any ethical argument be made to so construe
While to some this may be seem quite obvious
Too many others remain cheerfully oblivious

In this present crisis of the American house divided
These are some things of which I have decided
One of these is the need for a new birth of freedom
As long as it remains true to the American te deum

What has come before, raises the level of intelligence
To negate this past, is to shirk off its relevance
We must guard against the leveling in this modernity
While amply realizing the best of our precious legacy

Strewn there in the passages of our Declaration
Are the seeds of the Constitution of our nation
Let us not back down against the face of destruction
But instead hold on ever stronger to our ancestral institutions

(c) September 23, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
80Days - The Bayou- Dixie Belle Flamingos

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