Thrown Away

Laurel's Nightmare - Frayed At the Edges ... Just Like My Life.....

word prompt is Away

Thrown Away
by Michael Doyle

Times like these are seasonable
When life itself feels unreasonable
What I had wanted to be for the better
Somehow fell apart when together

Now it seems taking life day by day
Alone with the feelings I threw away
Is all that I have to look forward to
In the mistakes I made in me and you

Word prompts bring back fatal memory
In those things it seems I’ve done to me
But still I know there will be a new tomorrow
Even despite the pain and all the sorrow

It is good to know that words still flow
Even though it is that I know what I know
That the wrong done was mostly done by me
I stand strong and beyond the edge of sympathy

All these things that it seems I threw away
And wondering how I will make it through the day
All the flawed cards I put into wrong-minded play
I wish somehow I would find some words to say

That would take away all of what is my mistake
Somehow do penance and heal the heartbreak
I reflected on this as I completed the survey
At the end of cardiac rehab I filled out today

Thinking how do I say to them, “yes, I am sad”
Of course it is that I feel I have made someone mad
No, it has so little to do with the cardiac rehab
And more to do with self afflicted that I now have

Bleeding out emotionally as I know I have done wrong
No longer sure of anything or that I even belong
But doing my best to bravely be contritely strong
In the full awareness of what I did as wrong

In short, I know that what I dreamed of as someday
I have destroyed and thrown it all utterly away
My tears say it’s not really all that funny, so, I am sad
All of my good intentions gone wrong and hurting bad

Watching you from across the room, I want to smile
But your hands on your hips let me know your denial
What I could have done, what I should have done
Doesn’t matter any more because we are as done…

…as this poem

(c) September 24, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Elvion Fall 2021 - Roll On Down the Tracks

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