For Fear That We Will Fall

LEA25:  The Labyrinth Experience - Hidden Fear Rules the World
For Fear That We Will Fall
by Michael Doyle

Listen to the world as you do
But in the end to yourself be true
Neither a borrower or lender be
Because debt destroys harmony

Words of wisdom to follow far
As true as truth is the northern star
The plot is thicker when studied long
Especially when madness is brewed strong

Misperceived as we are in our perception
Always the trick of the tale lies in its deception
Is it better to purposefully churn a sea of trouble
Or will the doing so only make it double

Be careful in your every taken action
Ensure you follow what will lead to satisfaction
Heartache knows its path to consummation
To sleep; to die; is the final contemplation

Whipped into the scorn of oppressive time
When insolence leads itself into uneasy rhyme
The wrongs of life take their deep toll
And only each of us can be true to our own role

Possessing the way to freedom within our hand
If only we might follow the path as planned
There is more to dread than those things of death
As we find end of weary life with our last breath

The path to freedom lies in the just before
Each of us who dare just a little more
Still fear seems to stop us all
Too afraid to fly for fear that we will fall

(c) September 25, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Hear How Your Landscape Should Sound 2021

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