Trusting In His Resilience

St John Orthodox Christian Church Monastery - Mosaic of Confession
Trusting In His Resilience
by Michael Doyle

So many things constantly change
As we live our lives rearrange
But some things stay the same
That's how it's lighted with God's flame

God loves us with urgent insistency
Stated with a solid state of consistency
But he does want us to grow into change
Conforming to Christ as we rearrange

Brought out of darkness into light
A holy nation set apart in His sight
No longer the same as our sinful nature
We move toward focused as we mature

It is more a love thing than worship
Far more than ritual, it is relationship
It's an all-in transcending transformation
That we increasingly gain in our confirmation

That God loves us in every single stage
The work continues until perfection's page
Growing up in Christ becoming a true believer
No longer satisfied with the ways of the Deceiver

Put under in the moment of our immersion
The sins are reversed in our conversion
The point that comes as each is made
We must leave our old selves in the shade

Leaving behind the last steps for new
Putting off the old for a brand new you
Each day started with quiet devotion
Putting on the gifts of God in forward motion

You cannot follow Jesus by standing where you are
You don't get to Bethlehem without following the star
Grow out of your lair of comforted zone
To become one fashioned by promises into God's own

His Holy Spirit moves forward as a spark of life
It is His seal of joy and peace in midst of strife
Transformed with ever increasing glory
To become one as a part of His breathtaking story

Training in the ways of God as it is meant
Nurturing spiritual habits is time well spent
It will renew your soul and refresh your mind
Leaving the past solidly where it belongs; behind

Seeking out His purpose and living out His plan
Will create in each of us, a new woman or man
Spending times in the Word being well read
Will get us all to where God has always led

Christianity is a life best lived in community
Motivating one another with its sanctity
Acts of love and good works are our way
Pressing on and toward in our every day

Gathered together in mutual accountability
Striving together within God's family
Intentional with increasing precision
This then is the Godly decision

Trusting in God in our constant prayer
Knowing that He is and will always be there
We are chosen and given in our deliverance
To come to Him in our constant resilience

(c) September 26, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
House of Prayer -Let Our Homes Be Homes of Prayer

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