Until Humanity is Gone

Intermudia - Flying Whales and Saucers..
Until Humanity Is Gone
by Michael Doyle

These parasites came to bring decay
Destroying the vestiges of yesterday
They prey on the last of our humanity
Killing in waves depleting our society

Making it impossible to be withstood
Setting fire to our planet and its woods
Rats, insects and paralyzing pestilence
Are waged on us to destroy our resilience

Scavenging our lives for our survival
Is the path forward since their arrival
Already inside we know we are already dead
The only thing keeping us going is mankind's thread

Of hope that even if we have no hope going forward
We will have the ability to keep going onward
This then is our great and deadly path of sorrow
Brazen as we hope for any new sort of tomorrow

Struggling each day just to barely persist
Fighting each step that we will yet exist
In this world there is only adapt or die
As we keep waiting for salvation from the sky

Seared in our souls by heat of the fire
The turns of darkness know our black desire
Our appetite for destruction makes flame breathe
Taking on the enemy is anger's small reprieve

Anything is possible when needed bad enough
The jester's folly calls on mankind's bluff
Is it enough to the know the cost of sweet pain
In an apocalyptic world gone bleak and insane

Where then has humanity gone?
How can we hope to carry on?
Reborn into the siege of me and you
What then will our children do?

Turning the tide we stand to staunch the fight
Knowing that we may never make it right
Keeping the enemy in line of our deadly sight
We will yet turn back the black of this night

That we might survive feels like our confusion
Given as it is to be our cruelest illusion
Crushed as we are we will still fight on
Until that is, all humanity is gone

(c) October 4, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Planet by Cica Ghost -  Alien Eye Sees You

First Halloween poem of the season – alien apocalypse theme

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