Dangers Lurk In the Seams

The House That Fear Built - Fleeting Greeting  From the Darkside
Dangers Lurk In the Seams
by Michael Doyle

In the hidden crevices of your dreams
There are dangers lurking in the seams
Three, four, better lock up that door
The boogie man is coming back for more

Five, six, he has a bag of tricks
Where evil lurks and Satan gets his kicks
Razor sharp he creeps along
Noises ring in the night but do not belong

An innocent hand holds a crucifix
And it's back to five and six
Cutting through the nightmare's edge
While fear pushes ever toward the ledge

A half whisper calls out in the night
There's no escaping shadows come to light
Wake up before it's too late
You know there is escape from this fate

Blood, blood, everywhere
All one can do is stop, shriek and stare
There's a nightmare on the suburban street
When fear finds crazy in the who we meet

Bodies sprawled in backyard mud
Two names scrawled and engraved in blood
Be careful of dreams that come to you
Some of these should never come true

Run, run, run away in terror filled fear
Freddy Kruger is patiently drawing near
It's just a dream, he isn't real
But when he cuts deep, what do you feel?

It's easier to pretend life lost in confusion
Instead of a mental break into hallucination
Like a Balinese dream in which one is falling
Dreams skills require changing and recalling

A way to perhaps change the situation
When Kruger comes in full-on confrontation
Some evils do not remain dead
The worst of them live on in your head

Whatever you do...

Don't fall asleep...

(c) October 15, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Invictus - Where Angels Fear To Tread II

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