Resolution Brings Harmony

Alter do Chao - In Thoughts and Prayers For My Daughter
Resolution Brings Harmony
by Michael Doyle

Taking a look at the beatitudes
Taking each moment given in gratitude
God blesses the peacemakers as God's family
Not avoiding or appearing overly sweetly

Peace at any given price is not peace
Nor is it conflict's sweet release
It is isn't in the least codependency
But it is demanded from God's family

In the world and in our personal lives
There is a need to put away resentment and knives
Unresolved conflict drags on forever
It is not godly; nor is it very clever

In keeping conflict, it harms by its intention
If we're wrong with others, it is an ungodly direction
To claim to love God while hating is to block prayer
It's just what it is layering caught in snare

Horizontal and vertical, intersecting in connection
Being out of harmony can only bring God's disconnection
When we plant seeds, it brings to life harmony
This is to be the way of God's extended family

What we reap is clearly what we will sow
Only more so, as both love and hate grow
Certain steps walk us through the walk through
In a peace plan meant for me and for you

Make the first move without waiting
There is a need for the move without hesitating
No offering at the temple without peace
Shall be acceptable without forgiving the dis-ease

Working things out must be resolved immediately
We must face it if we seek after that something
That we truly want and earnestly need
Not avoiding the talk out of failings the bleed

It is in the unheeding moments of vulnerability
That we gather together in our greatest capability
To find our way through the heart of any conflict
And past the wounds that we often self-inflict

Defensiveness only builds the walls of distance
In the insecurity that breaks down circumstances
Holding back the openness of our souls' keep
That avoids the real level of connecting deep

Take courage renewed in the Holy Spirit's love
By keeping to the ways of God who abides above
We'll never change until perfect love casts out fear
Power, love and self-discipline help us to persevere

Seeking after God's wisdom where ours surely fails
The given wisdom will surely be what best prevails
Not knowing what to say or really what we should do
We will in the right timing ask God what we must do

Left in prayer to find the start of this new harmony
Joined together in courage as each is the other's family
We ask that God guide our right way to find the real
With kindness, compassion, and love that seeds the deal

(c) October 17, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
House of Prayer - By the Book

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