Reflections on Dorian Gray V: Immortality Revealed

Enchanted Dreams - Water Image
Reflections on Dorian Gray V: Immortality Revealed
by Michael Doyle

Art imitates life as life imitates art
Masquerading in the wantonness of the heart
It's a fearful discovery of the monster within
That while we don't understand, causes us to sin

Acting in the the brazen ways of lechery
When our best promises are betrayed by treachery
Even where it is never at all truly intended
By all of the temptations that are befriended

Maybe it can be blamed on the medication
Because surely it is not by premeditation
That we like Dorian slip down the slippery slope
To a place of darkness that knows not hope

Dance then the enchanting dance of wickedness
Embracing as we do depravity's dull sickness
The tell tale signs grow too strong to ignore
It's become an addiction and something more

To the enthralled, evil has become beautiful
Transformed from its ugliness into something wonderful
To look our monsters directly into the eye
Is to that from a painting, Dorian cannot die

The eyes of impurity may have lost the stars
But this is the way of a life lived without scars
Imagine a life lived on every whim and impulse
And soon enough this leads to its own repulse

The world can see its idols shine and gleam
But the dream of a god is released in his scream
Taking even the lives who did dare to try to love
Given as sacrifice to he who fell from above

The artist who has dared to quietly raise his doubt
Now lies naked on the floor and bleeding out
Subject to Dorian's fatalistic approach to duality
His life is given as a gift for Dorian's immortality

(c) October 21, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Land of Thor -  Castle In the Night

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