Blind Spots

LEA 21: The Plant - Blind Locomotive
Blind Spots
by Michael Doyle

"What's my fault" is the starting point
It is the starting point within me
Is it self-centeredness that speaks to point
That my hurt feelings are more about me

It is the me stuff that raises the defenses
All the selfish desires are disguised in pretenses
When I am at peace deepest from the inside
There is little need for acts of wounded pride

Disagreement should not bleed over to distress
It only detracts from what is needed to address
There is no objective standard of incompatibility
It's a feigned defense of absurd inflexibility

Growing up is hard to do or so they say
But it's something we need to do anyway
Differences are to be learned from in life
This unselfishness is what leads us from strife

It's always more rewarding to focus and resolve
That to give in to the weak willingness to dissolve
So much comes from learning to build each other up
This is what brings the drink from the winning cup

All of this is stubbornly hard to see from pride
That our pride leads to arguments out of best stride
And that putting aside that pride is the way out
From the log jam of self pity interwoven with doubt

Be sorry for only thinking of the wounds to oneself
Pride and ego held as many blind spots on the shelf
That peer out weakly from somewhere deep inside
In those flashes of anger and creeping wounded pride

Come instead to conflict with a mild, humbled heart
Not without noticing the log in your eye needs to depart
The point is to openly examine and where needed to confess
Your part, not their part, and God will straighten the mess

Listen for heart and from an emotional perspective
Feelings hurt are often heard as reflective
Hurt people hurt people to that nth sort of degree
Of all our needs, we need love, wouldn't you agree?

Robbed as it is from the feelings of self dignity
We forget only God has the rightful place of sovereignty
It comes down to connecting through feeling needs
Facts matter little when its emotions that bleed

Be quick to listen and practice being slow to speak
Before you allow that toxic anger to escape and leak
This is the point that will listen for defusing
Ears heal in taking real interest past those confusing

God, you see, is in all the little bits and details
And when focused on others, the truths will reveal
Like Jesus on the Cross, to live we must forgive
If we are to get to how it is to best learn to live

Seek first to understand before being understood
This Chinese proverb speaks to our own good
We tend to look at how far it is yet to go
Then how far others have come in their life's flow

Listen for the hurt in the reflective
Striving to find the truth in the contemplative
Understanding not how far someone else needs to go
But how far they have come to be who it is you know

(c) October 22, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Burning Man  - Blinded By Science

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