Building Up One Another

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Building Up One Another
by Michael Doyle

We must always build up one another
Recalling that each is either sister or brother
Those things we don't understand comes down to fear
But holding each other up is to persevere

Our own fears and doubts held onto to strongly
However held onto perhaps to wrongly
Need the truth to be spoken in love
Gently, humbly as does speak, our God above

There are limits to being persuasive
When the mistake is made to be abrasive
Instead, wrap up your truth in love gently
Submitted to others with candid humility

It's all in how you say these things with grace
The extent to which truth will be embraced
No one get saved ty unvarnished harshness
Nor brought to light through emotive darkness

Everyone it seems is messed up and their cases blown
Al the evidence is in and it's clearly been shown
But the thing is that God gave up the life of His son
To give grace and mercy that this might yet be undone

Do not use harmful words but instead words to learn
Those helpful words that build up and teach to discern
Every relationship has imperfect souls that meet
One another, and must be graceful or face their defeat

Remove the arsenal of mutually assured destruction
Embracing instead the ways and devices of construction
By fixing the problems perceived and not the blame
Fixing the true concerns without walking this life lame

Remove the words of perverse, filthy language and rage
Remove the malice and outrageous slander from the page
Keep the focus on the truth of necessary reconciliation
Without too much hold on finally meeting resolution

Some things will never, ever get to be fully agreed
Yet, still we can plant the God's good and Holy seed
Finding as we can the salience to be found in unity
Without ever trying to force a fullness of conformity

We can walk our walk hand in hand without being eye to eye
Conflict met does not require the same sort of vile reply
We as Christians must build bridges of reconciliation
While walking away from the world's preference for destruction

(c) October 24, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
France Entraide et amitié

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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