In A Dissonance Theory

Southern Magic - Magnolia  Mansion At Dusk
In A Dissonance Theory
by Michael Doyle

What if...
What if is the beginning
As good as any beginning
Or so it often seems
The waking is stuff of dreams
And dreams bring as much truth
As that which we are told
All the bill of goods that we are sold

What if...
What if those we have lost
Have a point made in their cost
Like rooms left to explore
And maybe just a bit more
As we look deeply inside
To the discomfort that we hide
Yet... without any real success
So many questions left to address

Here in this dissonance theory
Is the chaos of paradigms
Each chooses as if personal history
Pressurized into personal diamonds
That create our conceptions of worth
Without ever knowing our real worth
As if our lives might be panned
Or to be lived out like live stream on demand
And ... made to order as we wish

What if...
What if we create our own illusions
And the outside world is just the intrusion
Of the illusions of others in that flow
Who create without knowing that they know
The maze to freedom is within
Where "what if" is where we truly begin
It seems a thing of things is our own creation
And to be set free, we are limited only by our imaginations

(c) November 4, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Music of the Butterfly

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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