Bumping Into Jesus

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Bumping Into Jesus
by Michael Doyle

Divine encounters along the way
It doesn't necessarily happen on Sunday
Little moments that teach us
Put on as these are to reach us

Bumps on the road have their distraction
The way through gives the best traction
Each moment is given to teach us
Little moments of goodness just to reach us

Jesus works best in us by invitation
Gentlemanly refusing to make invasion
He needs to be brought into our hearts
But once there, he'll never depart

When the hour comes, it will bring glory
It is the greatest part of this true story
Making our humble water into purest wine
Sparking the ordinary into the divine

That which brings the most glorifying
Can seem at times to come as the more horrifying
Infused with what might seem the Cross
Bringing victory out of what seems to be loss

A view taken somehow tragic and incorrectly
Should be taken as each fragment distinctly
Each coming as a teaching moment of their own
Led by Jesus at our side and not on His throne

When we cannot feel the trace of God's hand
And we are certain we cannot possibly understand
Let's take hold at the moment of God's hand
Time has shown faithfulness leads to the promised land

Whatever might be our belied sort of preference
God's Word and ways conducts us by its experience
Let's stop jumping to what seems to be our conclusion
When life strikes for clarity in our blinding confusion

God pulls for the best things crushing into purity
While pulling away the rough edges of our insecurity
In light of our own set of surrendered to circumstances
Let's find the purpose in trust not perceptions of chance

(c) November 7, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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