Starting Each Day In Devotion

Mni Wiconi - Ultimate Sunrise

Starting Each Day In Devotion
by Michael Doyle

Starting every day the right way
Brings about a good sort of day
Knowing that wherever we go
God follows us as if our best shadow

No matter what comes as we scatter
Our attention to the way days shatter
Through to bring challenges that play
Let’s start it right through devotion and pray

There is a power in starting off right
Starting a little early to awaken from night
Getting ahead of the game and be deliberate
In making your day all the more sedate

Fill your mind with music and praise everyday
With your attention set on what is a godly way
The day is felt as it is lived empowered in good
If you are to live as you ought and should

In the morning, we can rest in the Lord’s voice
When we greet each day by making this choice
Love declared in prayer there in that devotion
The brings us hope and raises our emotion

Surrendering as we will to living in the Lord’s way
There is not greater presence to start each day
Find time in the significance of what matters most
And give over to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

All the problems of our busyness put before
The feet of our God in whom we worship and adore
Getting the start of a new day to be seen
As we count on the Lord to be our best human being

(c) November 7, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved


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