Discernment Revisited

Astoria - Cold Contrast On A Wintter's Day
Discernment Revisited
by Michael Doyle

I guess that's the deal
Letting Jesus take the wheel
Like the wisdom of Solomon's seal
It is what keeps it real

Going deep into the Scripture
We find the things of God
Surrendering in devotion to Scripture
We recommit to the ways of God

Living compels from time to time
Finding my truth by uneasy rhyme
Learning to serve for significance
Not allowing loss in wrong emphasis

Knowing that it is God in control
On the path to living my best soul
Don't let the words be an impediment
But stay on the path of right sentiment

Not allowing the meandering of deviation
To lose my footing, slipping into devastation
Taking up that dimension that brings grace
Undiminished but instead living by God's embrace

Sometimes, a man has to do the math
Doing his best to stay on the narrow path
Keeping mindful on all that I have prayed
And putting aside the tricks Satan has played

I won't be distracted by life's overestimations
Keeping my eyes set on my believed destination
Pushing through what seems like tragic devastation
I refuse to be a tool of my own worst elimination

I won't give into inclinations of insecurity
But strive to grow strong in my drive for maturity
I won't dwell on thoughts of personal inadequacy
But take in the discernment that allows buoyancy

That each of us might find our best path of understanding
However much the pressures of life feel overly demanding
Let's look for things that are in need of reconsideration
In this I know that I and we will find better decisions

(c) November 21, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Astoria - In the Peace of Being Trusted

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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