The Clock Keeps Ticking

Fogs End - Zeitgeist Clocktower
The Clock Keeps Ticking
by Michael Doyle

From that pristine sense of moment
When we come out of the womb
The clock starts ticking
With all its joy and torment
We become the life in the room
Making things happen through our kicking

It is in building the intimacy
That we find our true relevancy
Otherwise, all we have is nothing
Searching after that scrap of something
That we hope might make things better
Yet, here we are stuck in our stormy weather

We have to lead through honesty
Not just mouthing the words of integrity
But really feeling the feel
Of the emotions that keep it all real
Let's lead this life by our example
Living the love of life, full and ample

When my numbered days are finally done
I want my life to have been a full one
Something that brings the smile of celebration
Though the tears cried weren't exactly jubilation
It all comes down to a matter of choice
Let's lift up our glasses cheering in full voice

It's been the getting back up from falling down
The too many questions I've always chased around
That's taken me to the places, I would never be found
Yet, landing with my two feet solidly on the ground
It's the tale of the tricks that I once played
That often leads me to my knees for all that I've prayed

Let's lift up those glasses high, savoring the toast
To the dreams, dreamers, and people we've loved the most
Grateful for what has brought us to our final day
Thinking on all the moments, come and gone along the way
It would be my best moment if in the last moment my lips say
Here's to you and all your love that I have known along the way

(c) November 23, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
House of JewelZ - Dreamz of Babylon

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