Illuminations of Faith

Valentine's On Ice 2016  - Like A Canine Fidelius Forever Faithful  In Love
Illuminations of Faith
by Michael Doyle

Faith is not a blind leap
But the illuminations that we keep
Finding, like a compass, our direction
Through Christ and His correction

Listening to that small, still voice
It's where we find the healthy choice
In apparent tone deaf moments of good cheer
As Jesus walks with us, year after year

Sometimes in the most pressing times
When it feels we're walking through landmines
There is nothing better than that smile
That comes after feeling you walked beyond your last mile

Trusting while needing a valid verification
Seeking lives anchored in our conviction
That the Word of God tells us what to do
Keeping our compass set to what we know is true

Walking away from all that is the forgery
Of Satan's lies that are not of soul theology
Precious moments come from what we learn
The value and needs that we come to discern

Setting eyes toward the Lord's good invitation
Instead of seeking only God's needed intervention
Seeking out what is God's truest good will
Instead of pleading what we believe will keep us still

Our hope floats in the purest spiritual buoyancy
When we set our hearts on the utmost saliency
Of the faith in God as the waves are crashing down
And we live lives of joy despite the cuts of precision

Cutting at us like storms coming in our days
Knowing that if only we can keep faith in God's ways
We will grown into that that bigger faith we need
Starting as it is with the faith of a mustard seed

(c) November 24, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Leroy - Reindeer Illumination

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