This Thanksgiving 2021

Grace Baptist Church of Second Life - Love In Action
This Thanksgiving 2021
by Michael Doyle

Late last night I was thinking on..
The furthest star's even furthest moon
Until I was dreaming of a once upon
Fairytale feeling that was needed soon

For two years, the world has suffered
Through the scourge of viral pestilence
With reasons for joy as best buffered
As we've meet this challenge with persistence

This morning greeted with cantaloupe and quiche
My daughters and I kept the tradition of Macy's Day
Met with the parade and hug and a familial kiss
Keeping faith and trust on this Thanksgiving Day

Iconic and quietly stated despite all of the many stings
There is the collective memory or living through worse
And my encouragement to them to reach for brass rings
In all that they do, be it in science or even verse

Serving as an example of living in contented trust
Trust in God even when it seems that discontented man
Has forgotten to love or acknowledge God as we must
But this home will be consistent in the divine purpose we can

Serving the employment of peace and living in harmony
Though provoked with thoughts of the divine in prayer
That the nation will find its way to our tranquil unity
Fighting for all of God's children and escaping Satan's snare

This Thanksgiving Day is sacred to be kept set apart
Vouchsafing the undeserved mercies gracefully shown us
Through gratitude given beyond platitude given from the heart
Keeping true to ourselves and God's good will because

We need to realize the real in all of its felicity
Zealously keeping to the ways of good and holy tradition
Instead of being lost within the traps of complicity
Drawing our deepest strength from God's loving direction

Thankful for our priceless freedoms and living in liberty
Appropriately recognizing the source of all our bounty
Is solely come from God's providence as our source of security
And rightly giving thanks for prosperity in our blessed dignity

(c) November 25, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Nostalgia Falls  2020 - Shaded and Sunny In Turkeyville

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