What’s Good For One’s Soul

Neverever Land  - Time Is A Ripple Standing Still
What's Good For One's Soul
by Michael Doyle

As time puts distance in sight
A mind thinks on how to set it right
Questioning how does one build a life
With sights on peace and not strife

Even the richest know it's sacrilege
To hold oneself as a person of privilege
As each of us has the same humble birth
And we all too do depart from this Earth

Even ghosts hold up in their nobility
Conspicuous through the embarrassments of poverty
It's a thing expressed in stress and anxiety
That then can become a struggle ending lonely

Again and again, like a Boethius accused of treason
We must be strong enough to live through every season
Sometimes one cannot change their circumstances
Then it is that with equanimity we play out our chances

It's never as easy to change the world as it is you
That's too impractical and isn't a reasonable view
Truly, wherever you go, it's certain that there you are
No matter how long time passes, nor no matter how far

It's better then to find the freedom to embrace
Remodeling the paradigms and giving life its space
The stories will continue to unfold if reaction
Is the central key to every given interaction

Life and its changes are often in the grays between
When fighting against reality bears fruit yet unseen
Emotions can spiral out of everyone's desired control
Then it is best to consider what is best for one's soul

(c) December 2, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Celestial Realm

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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