In the Tragedy of Wisdom

Gates of Memories -The Tragedy of Strategy Gone Wrong
In the Tragedy of Wisdom
by Michael Doyle

As we sit writing for an audience
Aimed as it is to somehow please
The words of Shakespeare and Sophocles
Shine in all of their brilliance

One wrote for the strong, just king
The other in the promise of democracy
Each had their and his good to bring
Neither back the truth in their philosophy

Every decision by the Athenians was made
Educated by and through all unafraid
Life was a living through diligent education
Citizenry was assured through their dedication

It was through the necessity of subtle persuasion
Aiming toward a morality strong against disposition
Each decision to be made in steady recompense
By the sovereignty of citizens duly aware of consequence

In the city Athens, there lived the wisest playwrights
Sophocles and others wrote plays sung into the nights
As Aristotle noted, Sophocles' works were of tragedy
Perfectly malleable as cathartic for the Athenian city

In this was the purge of fear and thoughts of great pity
In the initiation of action played out for the fair city
Given in terms of the fallen even among those of nobility
Showing the mistake of life within everyone's capacity

It is then this day of the actor's display of sadness
That eases the burden of life's complicated madness
Never make a decision because you feel you are afraid
And never do anything that is from depths of sorrow made

Tragedy can be seen through the days of every century
Written as it is throughout the annals of all of history
It is a central issue brought from within human pride
It is the truth of humanity in which we will all confide

(c) December 3, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Sparta - Named Co- Mr. Sparta With Their Commander - Quite the Honor

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