Existence In Balance  -Troubles Surrounding Like Chaos Theory
by Michael Doyle

When the cognitive dissonance begins to diverge
And we find America struggling and on the verge
There is no doubt that we must must ask the why
Martyrs are made but no one wants to really die

A young man, barely a man, falls down weeping
Not guilty on all counts, his mother also weeping
The reading of the verdict was a make or break moment
That lends hope toward ending our nation's torment

A collective sigh of relief ends their wrong intention
Wept tears of joy flood at Rittenhouse's exoneration
If it had not been for the courage of the jury
This injustice would have led to far greater injury

The Democratic Party openly advocates raw violence
In an attempt that fails only because of eternal vigilance
In an age when mass action has been far too extreme
Theirs is the chain reaction that pulls at the American Dream

This did not result from bottom up outbursts from the underclass
But a distinctive, urban violence pushed for en masse
A shadowy cabal of powerful interests got a slacker elected
Though not an ounce of their integrity is able to be detected

The likes of Black Lives Matter and enflamed Floyd protests
Became an open conspiracy of wrong doing and not legit contests
Doing the bidding of a cabal for the selected 2020 election
A conspiracy that happened in the open and yet avoids detection

Two political hacks spoke of a kidnapper rather proudly
As one pandered about shots piercing the soul too loudly
Knowing it will stoke the flames through rawest choosing
They seemingly caught law enforcement pants down and dozing

Riot Kitchen came from Seattle to feed the lawless frenzy
While GoFundMe treated it as though the riots were Disney
Over half arrested in Kenosha came from out of town
Yet, Kyle, it is said, should not have been around?

Sometimes though the good guys manage to actually win
And though America still stands on the abyss of sin
A jury of his peers voted unanimously for Kyle's exoneration
And gave cause for righteous celebration across our nation

(c) December 4, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Arranmore Revisited - A Theory of Red Chaos

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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