Always Time For A Story

Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness - Listen Children and I'll Tell You A Story
Always Time For A Story
by Michael Doyle

Quietly sitting on the pew
There in one sense, family
Wearing our brother's coat
And in this, draped in poverty

Keeping warm on Christmas night
All for the sake of spirits bright
Kept a flicker in swaddling clothes
As only as a love the child knows

Excited voices and joyful eyes
Looking for the Christmas surprise
A secret to be shared with loving heart
This then is a love's story from the start

A doll in an old store window
Peers out from behind its shadow
There is a story yet to share
Filled with love beyond mortal compare

There is always time for a story
Filled with adventure and full of glory
Kings and paupers filled with wishes
Platters filled with food as exotic dishes

Some might wish more for purest gold
Other may wish for happiness missed from old
Kindred hearts lost in their separation
Cry out for solace in their desperation

Missing the one so faraway
And needed home for Christmas Day
Digging in backyard deep as the hole
To reach for the comfort within our soul

Great distances beg for sympathy
As the lonely heart speaks in empathy
If only there'll be a place to be
And if only you'd keep a place in your heart for me

There is no such thing as second hand embarrassment
When a child's heart expresses its hurt sentiment
A love meant to share shines in saddened eyes
Too young to know that life is filled with dull surprise

And unafraid to quietly hold to one's dream
However unlikely it might be or at least seem
You work at it until you find that right sort of way
And then the one you miss might yet be home on Christmas Day

(c) December 9, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Baja Norte -Breeched

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