Birds Aren’t Real

Birds Aren't Real
by Michael Doyle

Spoken with a sense of zeal
Is the thought, "Birds Aren't Real"
Youth joins together to upend
A disturbing sort of the worse trend

In an age of misinformation
Gen Z links arms across the nation
Engaged in a case of absurdism
With vigor and great enthusiasm

It is a parody social movement
Meant to tackle a world of rabbit holes
In this sense, it is an improvement
That might be good for their souls

Fighting lunacy with lunacy
The youth of America take this opportunity
Started by a floppy haired McIndoe on his own
Who is ready to admit that birds are not drones

Cosplaying the zeal of conspiracy theory
They process while aware of the line they walk
This is the now of getting through somehow in theory
By pretending to laugh together at their own talk

Growing up in high schools where the noxious gateway
Was and has been a diet of social media every day
Reading Reddit's viewpoints on causes of "Remote Control"
A little irreverence is after all good for the soul

Constructing a world fabricated in its constant fiction
As a way of fighting off banality in a world of friction
Concocting elaborate histories to deal with frustration
Had in dealing with a world turned mad with unnatural diction

Despite its falsity, this is a benign collaboration
Building a world of absurd charm across this nation
Engaging as its worse, those against absurdism
And who have had enough of lives lived in misinformation

Laughing at the world in all of its tainted madness
This is a way of overcoming all of the profound sadness
Like a social mirror held to America's internet age
"Birds Aren't Real" is about laughter and not rage

(c) December 11, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Florence At Low Tide Autumn - The Birds Have it

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