The Unfolding Story of the First Christmas Day

Elvion - Lost Sheep In White
The Unfolding Story of the First Christmas Day
by Michael Doyle

Christmas didn't come with a pretty bow
If you didn't know this, you need to know
There was a lot of ugly in what became beautiful
The something simple transformed into the wonderful

Shepherds were tending flock in the field
When the angels announced what would yield
The coming of the Lord in that lonely manger
To walk among us as a friend, not a stranger

In a testimony filled with truest inspiration
The tending the lambs of God for the Israeli nation
The lowest of the low came to find the highest of the high
On that fateful night the angels filled the sky

Love does not discriminate for cause of social standing
Let this be our first and greatest bit of understanding
God is not a respecter of status but of pure hearts
And in His kingdom, each such heart play their parts

All peoples come together for the majesty and the glory
Here within the very first of the greatest Christmas story
Then there an angel appeared to tell his holy news
The same we listen to in filling the Christmas pews

The good news proclaimed to be spread among the least
All are and will be welcomed, come famine or great feast
We are all loved and blessed in our Father's eyes
Let this truth never be forgotten or come as surprise

In the town of Bethlehem, there laying in the manger
Came God to walk among us, no longer to be stranger
There as a multitude of angels filled that night's skies
The hosts of Heaven praised before the shepherd's eyes

Glory to God and on the highest winds be praise
Came the Word of God to live by in all of our days
Kept in the fullness of our most broken parts
To be filled with shalom enough to cure our hearts

Wholeness of peace offered for the goodness of all
It is a restoration of Eden to bridge our fall
There is a completeness by which we may best live
If if our complete surrender, our praise we give

Habits of a lifetime lived with our best intention
Gratitude and loving worship given our humble attention
Lovely and pure in our humbled but steady admiration
This will restore our hearts and the best satisfaction

Life is not about living for selfishness and ambition
And it doesn't matter about whatever our situations
It only takes overcoming fearful ways to open eyes
To the truth of that light show that filled the skies

Trust in God beings the purest of sacred imprints
To do that something that keeps us steadily intent
Following the Lord is the message we must spread
Whatever the world might say and things we dread

Living the presence of the Lord is best for us all
The worship and relationship is what we must recall
It is the love and the completeness in which we praise
That brings the joy to give pristine peace to our days

A living invitation comes with the telling of salvation
As we learn to see what might rescue every desperate nation
It's the telling of the sacred words all need to hear
That will bring the peace that surpasses all of our fear

Go then and tell it on on the tallest mountain
Go then and tell it near, far; tell it everywhere
The living waters heal flowing like a fountain
As we humbly approach and let this truth shine clear

(c) December 12, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
A Christmas Wish Away In the Manger

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