Self Awareness Penned In Resurrection

Kio Zen Garden -  Lanterns Light the Way
Self Awareness Penned In Resurrection
by Michael Doyle

A dull cubicle's existence jabs
Leaving the feel of bruising hopelessness
Pondering the future's uncertainty
Life's lemons squeezed with a twist of darkness

It's an endlessly looped sense of stuck
Trapped inside a mental simulation
With crushing inertia's dominant luck
Setting the story in its firm foundation

Evolved into the stains felt deep as sin
No longer believing in any free agency
Life has spun into its unending din
As yesteryear generates its own legacy

It's a reboot culture nostalgic for moments
In which an overly compulsive world hits exhaustion
A patchy bearded anti-hero amidst his torments
While chattering millennials tap out their adoration

The unending treadmill goes on and on and on
As the corporate world desires to make old into new
Creativity debates the luster that is already gone
Moving two steps backward into what once grew

A strained heart's love is blissfully unaware
Of a past repeating in its faded, jaded charms
The sentimental streak that exists only to care
Is powered by its dominance that somehow disarms

All of life relived is a lore to sift and untangle
Significantly raised for the sake of missed stakes
As if the plot slate is wiped clean to freely mangle
This is a universe of constant distractions and mistakes

Intense in its lived in scatter of patterned energy
Provocative in its assault on our senses
Embodying all the best of life's pleasant savagery
Tweaked by the futility despite our pretenses

Escaping the vainglorious bytes of clickbait philosophy
In which emotional hooks lead to their own introspection
There is a retention of our overwhelming chemistry
That well surpasses life's cynicism through true affection

(c) December 23, 2021 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Wylde - Be Gentle, Be Kind, Find Peace

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