To Lean Out of Wandering

The Salt Lakes Of Florence -  Friends Horsing Around the Flats
To Lean Out of Wandering
by Michael Doyle

Living out the days of my back forty
Knowing that the end may come shortly
Like Moses, I lift my hands in prayer
Living a moment of taking proper care

Having learned to number my precious days
I long to live the wisdom of God's ways
Where then is the focus that we put on
Before these numbered days are all gone

Time is to be managed ever so wisely
This is not to be said derisively
We do not have time to waste or kill
As time passes just as it does and will

Escaping out of the hourglass, grain by grain
Without our focus being on what to attain
Why then is this the thing we have begun
Taking heed of the paths traveled before we're done

We make the most of what we've been given
Knowing all of our failures are long forgiven
Keeping our eyes focused now on the future
We let our past die as our future we nurture

Our sins separated as far from East to the West
The pains of the past are done as a put away test
We'll have no more living in the shadowy past
Good or bad, these were the times that did not last

The thief of time is found in procrastination
Self-defeating and keeping us from our destination
Drawn away from what we know matters the most
The questions of yesterday live on as if ghosts

Let's not overlook the moments that make up today
Let's live in the awareness of the rhymes at play
Each time we step into the the light of new morning
There is new cause for celebration and not mourning

Yet, while life should not be lived in hurried haste
Neither should days lived be lived in abject waste
Let's travel no roads leading to a barren nowhere
Instead we spent time in mastering living our prayer

Time it seems is meant to be managed well
Keeping the balance in play of life's precious wheel
Let's make the most of whatever time we have got
Fighting the important battles that must be fought

There is always the way set out with good reason
Realizing that everything has its place and season
As we lean into the steps of our ready affirmation
Letting lives lived in joy serve as our confirmation

Taking stock of the important moments of our days
Building on the best of these in all of our ways
Life is not the bits and minutes but the moments
And from these are the best of what life foments

These balls in life can make us into basket cases
If we do not juggle well all of our needed bases
Taking the time to live well the best of our traces
In all that we taking in within our embraces

Time is too short to live holding onto any regret
We should instead take the opportunity to reset
Living for our tomorrows by today sowing faithful seed
We do this by making the right decisions that we need

(c) January 2, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Salt Lakes Of Florence - Flamingoes on the Salt  Lake

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