Dedicated To A Half Remembered Lorax

Die Betrunken Maus (The Drunken Mouse) 2022
Dedicated To A Half Remembered Lorax
by Michael Doyle

Hats off to Betty White
Who although not always right
Did voice for the Sneedville trees
And against polluting factories

There's something for the glitz that's not forgot
The importance of trees over parking lots
Beauty there is to be borne from the soiled ground
It's the most amazing miracle to ever be found

For outside the furthest edges of the dirty town
Are where the last best of answers will be found
It's where the best of magic will come true
If you want it bad enough for me and for you

Knowing full well and remembered quite capability
It's best to live and breath with responsibility
Out beyond the fringes of clever advertising that tries
To convince the gullible to continue to buy, buy, buy

It takes a special someone to pick these locks
And sneak past the thinking that comes pre-boxed
Careful how it's done to escape into the out there
Nature and freedom are closer than they ever appear

Is it so very hard to care about the felling of trees
Take a good listen if then you'll quietly please
Life it seems is about a whole lot more than greed
Through the love of truth, the human soul can be freed

In music we'll certainly, surely find our best way
Riffing along in the soul of every note that we play
Mankind will always think his changes are for the good
That is until our mistakes are unmasked and understood

Pushed along feely one boulder at the bearable time
Wisdom is patiently accrued in simple rhyme after rhyme
Guardians of the forests can't be seen through the trees
But must be heard however it is that you might please

(c) January 5, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Die Betrunken Maus (The Drunken Mouse) 2022 - Balloon Ride

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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