Dedicated To A Half Remembered Lorax, Part II

Die Betrunken Maus (The Drunken Mouse) 2022 - Balloon Ride
Dedicated To A Half Remembered Lorax, Part III
by Michael Doyle

However much some point out their clarity
A dreamer remains undeterred by reality
Even when it seems everyone is living culpable
It never stops quixotic dreams of the impossible

Floating as it is into the devastation
Overflowing into the falls of the slipstream
It's nothing short of the cause pleaded
That nature and trees are truly needed

Throwing rotten tomatoes at the world's stage
Selling points spread across every page
Taking shots going for the golden win
Multiplied in the duplicity of harmonized zen

Putting out the vibes of worthy thought
Pushing forward with every dream sought
Keeping the eyes on targeted perfect days
Future shocked into tomorrow's different ways

The problems with souls on fire
Are the electrical impulses of that force multiplier
Be careful of the fall of the crested lean
If you get the essence of what it is that I mean

One turn after another leads to the greed
Simple in faith like a well intentioned mustard seed
Thinking ever bigger to pad the bottom-line
Digging to big to fail as if corporately devine

Until the very last hope is breeched
And the lessons learned are burned as reached
Too much success isn't success as it ends in sorrow
It's the way of pride too fall into tomorrow

Suddenly, you're down to your very last breath
And all that is left is society's choking death
Even the rainbow fades itself colorlessly away
This is the truth then a child's last gasp plays

(c) January 6, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Lake Blackmoore - From the Far Shore

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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