Words To Think

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Words To Think
by Michael Doyle

Praying for blessing and favor
All words linked, meant to savor
In a world changing fast
So many moments that do not last

In this living age of acceleration
We find many moments of fascination
Living moments of radical transformation
Past a bygone age of simple information

Yet, we remain anchored in relevance
Living lives filled with magnificence
Speaking from the heart in authenticity
But this must be stewarded in our legacy

We cannot say just whatever we might feel
Without laying verbal bombs passions reveal
It's best to know the heart is filled with deceit
And we must understand the need to be discrete

The good is in what we choose to cultivate
Being careful of in what it is we saturate
Let it be wisely heard and then understood
We must always seek to speak the good

So that by our words, we may end acquitted
Or, by our words, will know we should have quit it
In our words, we will reveal our hearts
Speaking poorly of others that should depart

Harmony and goodness with God in our focus
Learning to communicate well is good for us
We all stumble in so many, many ways
Harnessing the tongue slips throughout our days

We need to steer our words as these flow
Like reins on a horse, to direct where to go
Like a rudder on a ship, mastering the wind
We are to walk this life gently as if a friend

The world is filled with far too much despair
Smiles are better brought to help us repair
All the missteps we've made along the way
Bringing a little more God into each given day

Careful of the labels that we rapidly toss out
And how these can fill others with hesitant doubt
Let our words be filled instead with encouragement
The world has enough moments of discouragement

Like a spark destroys a forest with wildfire
We must be careful to curb the tongue's desire
The tongue is transcendent bringing bad or good
Let's be more intentional as this is understood

As God is both our blessing and our forgiver
Let's ensure the fire doesn't jump the river
Wreaking havoc in slander and in our sinning
This is in no way the path we might call winning

Just because we have the right to say it
Doesn't make it right that we do say it
Blame gets us nowhere but leaves us lame
It's best to guide ourselves into the thinking lane

Moments of indiscretion are best spent in refrain
T Being truthful with kindness kept on our brain
H Be helpful in the things we have yet to say
I Inspiring the momentum to one another's days
N Saying in reproach only that which is necessary
K Let's make kindness our living, lasting legacy

... When God speaks to hearts...
... Life can only get better

(c) January 9, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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