Well-Tempered Clavier Played In Discord

Ballroom by Varro Theater - Bach To the Future Past
Well-Tempered Clavier Played In Discord
by Michael Doyle

The disappointment
Was of an inevitability
After all, to err is humanity's
Greatest capability

Very few are hard wired
Into our grand design
We don't stand a prayer
In the face of the divine

Even the hand of the creator
Is open to this tragic flaw
As well intended as it is
In failing to recall

We living wishing wishes
That seldom come true
The best that we have
Is to hope not to rue

The shotgun wedding
That we call fate
The odds of becoming master of puppets
Are pulled strings that come too late

The late night shows
That used to fade into snow
Taught us things half-forgotten
Played out in the mind's shadow

Fearing our dreams
We stay awake as long as we can
Bracing for the silent screams
From realizing we are, after all, only woman or a man

We don't have to pull the trigger
Of the metaphorical guns to our heads
Because that release is too final
We slowly filter out our perceptions instead

Like a well-tempered clavier
Played intricately to the last note
We'd play out our parts in the passion
As if memorized by rote

(c) January 13, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Music of the Butterfly

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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