The Geometry of Divine Form

LEA25 - Another World by Solkide Auer - Cosmic Geometry II
The Geometry of Divine Form
by Michael Doyle

Everyone it seems makes their mistakes
But is is the what we do with the heartbreaks
That makes all of the most meaningful difference
A life well lived holds this with reverence

Such is the same even of the great Plato
All else is footnote to what he did know
Having read his works on the great questions
And even he found politics a matter of hesitation

Fatal blindness leads us into these actions
Believing we might make a change with satisfaction
So often seeking glory leads to our own destruction
However well we have heeded our past instruction

Democracy is a viciousness of the worse tyranny
Time and time again this is the course of history
It is better to chase wisdom and to perhaps teach
This is the wisest course into tomorrow's reach

The best course to justice comes by philosopher-king
Writing and studying for whatever tomorrow may bring
But politics is a constant court of the worst slander
The greedy only wish for what helps them as they pander

The corrupt define justice in terms of self-interest
Always to desire more is the path of the commonest
Thread to the ordinary course of self-afflicted government
But it is in no way how justice must be meant

In the cardinal virtues are sound principles found
And the best of humanity must rely on what is sound
Wisdom, justice, courage and lives lived in moderation
Are what deserve exemplification and adoration

Justice is doing onto others what you would have them do
And courage is being brave enough to hold this true
Moderation is about making the right or the best choice
Wisdom is well to live by listening to this principled voice

This is the purpose of the true republican ways
A living perfection by which truth rules the days
The perfection of divine forms is found in geometry
So it is written in the pages of humanity's history

(c) January 20, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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