Learning To Not Be Anxious

Beachy Keen - Ultimate Sunrise
Learning To Not Be Anxious
by Michael Doyle

Tossing and turning without sleep
Filled with thoughts that won't keep
This world is filled with complexity
Enough to fill our hearts with anxiety

The restlessness of what we must endure
For all these trepidations there is a cure
There is no failure; nor is there duplicity
But there is a need to overcome this anxiety

Rejoice then in the Lord forever and always
We must be anxious for nothing in our days
Letting God keeping our minds on the good
These practical passages need to be understood

The chaos of our times raise so very high
There are enough troubles to make us cry
The reasons with certainty are solidly real
But belief and faith in God will prevail

Worrying about these things brings more harm
This is the truth even when life loses its charm
God's pure ministry is full of truth and hope
With it, we can at last learn how to cope

Troubles will be present but need not be a prison
These are magnified only if kept focused in prism
It does us very little good to ruminate
Instead meditate on the Lord and become sedate

Peter learned to walk through the storms of Galilee
Keeping his eyes focused on Jesus, his soul was free
The paper and the radio tell us to keep in fear
But hasn't God kept us safe in life, year after year?

God is the door opened by the King of all Kings
His mercy given makes him the master of all things
Bringing comfort in all causes held in despair
The bringer of comfort found in our daily prayer

Having confidence in all that we quietly pray
Contending with whatever has passed in our day
Through the valley of the shadow of death making our way
Rejoice in overcoming regardless of what others say

Thankful in our prayers and earnest supplication
Giving over to God all cares found in appreciation
Counting our blessings we life our voices in praise
Being grateful for all of our many blessed days

(c) January 23, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
City Beach at Ambiance Hideaway

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