Artful In Implication

Hypnotic Van Gogh Experience - Just Another Ear On the Wall
Artful In Implication
by Michael Doyle

All art is broad in its implication
But tell me please the explanation
As today's surrealism perks making us ill
While twisting everyday into a monstrous chill

Unsettling images of disquieting sensory
Experiences abound here at the end of history
Beyond the borders of grotesque representation
The private horrors spike the imagination

There on the whims of the artist's psychic automatism
As if someone brought out the worst in hypnotism
Processing the demons burning into the mind infernal
Fantasies blurred from internal outward into the external

Radically nonconformist in challenge against pressure
Striking boldly against the regimes found repressive
Lovers of freedom are eaten alive in a feeding frenzy
Those who thirst for power have no use for needed mercy

There is charm in the humor used to reach as it unnerves
The lessons introduced are as rich as what these serve
Confronting the confounding can be found in complexity
These are unsettling needed voices spoken with integrity

All the more trending from violence into violation
The artists dab at canvas independent of any commission
A discomforted distraction becomes it's own legacy
Here in the tale of surrealism's own unique history

Rapid fire visual intakes splattered as the whole
Each stroke of the brush taking on its own precise role
Self-deprecatory and severed into immaculate distortion
Each slice of the picture formed becomes its own portion

All art is broad in its forms of implication
Therein it is that we find what passes for explanation
As today's surrealism serves the purpose of tale
Hoping through its monstrosity to yet have truth prevail

(c) January 28, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Sainte Rose Sur Mer - Town Square Italiano

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