Interiorly Designed

Lighthouse Imagination - Barn Owl In Flight
Interiorly Designed
by Michael Doyle

The things that come along to discern this
That God places use where we can learn goodness
How then can we make the most of it and embrace
Where God has put us in our time and space

To make the most of heart, soul, and mind
To work out the best of what we might find
Most of our challenges are fought from the inside
And projected outward where these cannot hide

In the design of what makes up our minds
We find the patterns that too often bind
Are found in a world of changing conversation
We never truly bridge toward our destination

Edge to ledge forced forward to the brink
It is what we choose that brings us to think
Like Paul on a path of the untraveled road
From adversary to advocate of the Gospel told

Damascus is calling in his prideful persecution
Until in a pivot of grace, he is saved from destruction
In thinking, too often convinced that we do right
We are blinded before receiving the wisdom by light

By humility and gentleness comes the best appeal
To all that all that is good and holy to reveal
We are best off to approach the truth with kindness
Learning to turn abrasive to persuasive in our blindness

Perhaps a little less blindness in the face-to-face
It's better to be tactful in truths we embrace
Perhaps moving past being too overly oblivious
And resolving the problems that are obvious

Though we live in this world in need of His light
We do not fight the world through dark of night
We instead need to provide the light of love's power
To demolish the arguments captive in this hour

There is a need for gentleness not circumspection
With a need for grace in its full contemplation
Obedient in Christ and in our every single thought
To bring about the peace needed and always sought

The resolution to problems comes in different thinking
Not in the same process continuously linking
Where then are the life stealing tensions
And how might we best these through right intentions

Changing our thinking to change what it is we see
Our strongest thoughts giving way to possibility
What comes out in the traces of our minds
Comes out in our lives, so it is that we find

What is allowed in and then allowed to root
Becomes the basis of all we ever contribute
We give power to what is most paid our attention
This is why we must wisely live with intention

As we think in our hearts so then are we
Be careful then of what we take as authority
The Bible's lessons make the radical difference
And should be held in much accord and reverence

God's world is worn as our badges of signification
To be worn gently despite the glory's magnification
God's Word gives us the thrust of our authority
As students of this Word, we must share our legacy

(c) January 31, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Hidden Bottle - Rusty Lighthouse of the Imagination

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