To See the World Again

Drune Diesel  - Flying Ship II
To See the World Again
by Michael Doyle

To see the world through new eyes
It might help me to again realize
The splendors too often taken for granted
By those of us whose views are slanted

Lights like stars seem to abound
As life loses its sense of mystery found
And the wonders turn into just a city
The luster fades; isn't that a pity?

Playing favorites as we quietly walk
Seeing the world through your eyes as we talk
Life's tranquility is finally understood
As I hold your hand, somehow touching the good

To see the world again so clearly
Finding the world's beauty and holding it dearly
It's not that you shape an unreal fantasy
It's that your eyes open up new possibility

Too many people forget their dreams
As life pushes pass its tattered seams
Have too many lost the courage to believe
As the tragic becomes all they can conceive

The strangeness of moonlight becomes harshness
In eyes accustomed to too much darkness
Is it perhaps the dark of our own souls
When our worst fears loom up outside of control

Stardust scatters across this world's ground
As if too soon yet to again be found
Brought back to earth by a faltered question
The questions embraced without hesitation

Promises to yet see this dream once again
If only through the eyes of child and friend
Skeleton hands play the keys of fallen time
Staring off as if in search of some lost rhyme

My heart rests floating across a rippled pond
Searching your remembered eyes for my once upon
When Life seemed magical like a lyrical fairy tale
And there was one more coin to toss into this wishing well

(c) February 3, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Wythburn Village - Fontaine Des Innocents Wishing Well Fountain

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