Layers of Emotion

Indiana Amish Heartland Scenic Drive 06272020
Layers of Emotion
by Michael Doyle

Our hearts hold feelings deeper than oceans
It's up to us to manage our own emotions
The heart of the matter is that hearts matter
Yet, we must do this or our lives might shatter

Feelings are so very hard to stuff and hide
The chances are that we never keep these inside
Making life harder; feelings are hard to explain
As is assessing our feelings that often bring us pain

Expressions vaguely cover attempts at articulation
In these exaggerations used in our explanations
In the midst of living the calling we have received
We strive to never live lives of the deceived

Being humble and gentle with each other in love
We make efforts for spiritual peace given from above
Doing our best to live in unity and in harmony
Putting aside reasons for division in God's family

Leaning into our everyday best in our representation
Instead of being fully into drama, let's live inspiration
Drama arises by choices of acceptance and invitation
The dysfunction lived instead of our rebuking disinclination

Unnecessary drama leaks in to create too much strife
When what we need is to be disciplined in our life
Let out hearts not be hardened in our insensitivity
Having been lured in by our greed for sensuality

We need to put off our old selves and ways of desire
Walking in God's ways as we know that we must aspire
Never stumbling into giving the Devil a foothold
And never abusing our hearts; instead doing as God has told

The majority of our worst lived torrid emotions
Requires that we must first act and put these into motion
Feelings can cause our impure, ravenous actions to flow
Acting despite the truth of Jesus that we intimately know

But then, suppressed emotions are problematic at best
We just address these ourselves to pass life's test
Taking the greatest care to work on ourselves first
And to be healthy instead of giving in to the world's thirst

Put off airs of falsity and always speak the truth
But do this as told, with forethought as since youth
Remembering loaded statements are never as these seem
And careful for discarded feelings textured in their seams

People look for their escape and rarely for real remedy
Trying to push off from life's intense complexity
Wherever it is that you go, seemingly there you are
While emotional atrophy leaves its collective scars

It's better to sit on wicked emotions than to express
Those sinful things you wish you could quietly repress
In moments of weakness, we strive to be most impressive
These are the moments we need to curb being compulsive

Knowing that we can do many things while deciding not
Getting past the can to deciding the essence of the what
We are defined by in the what of the what that we best do
And keeping the Lord's admonitions in our mind's view

Keeping our true to our good person even in our worst days
Not going wrongly into darkness but keeping the Lord's ways
Keeping in mind that we are best off to keep in the process
That our Godly ways may yet grow to fullness as we progress

Keeping the ways of the spirit and striving after our peace
Distinguishing what to wait on and then what to redress
How we act in our days exposes our truest bits of theology
Let us be reinvented and redirected in God's family

There is a balance in the peace of not being heartless
But in sharing what is on our hearts maybe a little less
It is important to see walking in, opening your eyes
Remaining authentic yet not transparent is yet wise

Do not neglect and nor decide to emptily project
Instead think on the best choices and then quietly select
How to respond without giving Satan any sort of foothold
Because these will grown into the Devil's stranglehold

Let's guard our hearts into taking the best, right actions
That in living as we do we might find our best traction
To share communion in the warmth of God's shared love
This then is our salvation, let ours be the ways of God above

(c) February 6, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Indiana Amish Heartland Scenic Drive 06272020

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