Into Something More

Where our Journey begins - The Bloom -Hill Top  Royal Pavilion
Into Something More
by Michael Doyle

Strive and fight for a better life
Finding believed in utopia was naught
But disappointment with hints of strife
Ideals purchased with bloodied tears sought

Only to find these too lacking in the end
And while life goes on, we cannot pretend
That what is not right is indeed right
Nor that darkness can be mistaken for light

Finding ourselves on some foreign shore
Struggling to make our lives into something more
Putting on all of the feigned trends
And still seeking happiness in our ends

These pursuits lead as such often do
To finding ourselves opposed to the the views
That only yesterday felt as if something true
Which could and can be grasped only by a few

It is that something more of storied legacy
That we see ourselves in mirrors of hypocrisy
Comic operas that leave us with next to nothing
Thinking we have that something more that is everything

Judgments rushed into as if by infliction
Become indulgences of understanding in affliction
That perhaps the best of our found days
Link back to the ancient and tried ways

Lifted in prayers that God will always hear
Finding our voices beyond all sense of fear
Trust then in turning our backs on failed ways
As we found ourselves tempted in our jaded days

No matter where we go, there we indeed are
There is a humor in finding the near has been far
As we find ourselves full circle in our duty
And that in ourselves and God is the truest beauty

What is to be gained in seeking the something more
All that society deems rich, only leaves us poor
There in its dripping poison in words flittering by
We find the more in the less as our days go passing by

There is no need but the simple prayers of connection
As God knows the wisdom needed for our correction
The many follies of man have none of the best answers
And the traps of modern life spread like vicious cancers

Be penitent in returning to the faith that is needed
Where God always answers all of the prayers pleaded
The sufferings of life are but of a petulant season
While leaning on God's business shares purity of reason

God in all of His mercy ponders His long told tale
That we might choose wisely in what will best prevail
And if we then we should still find our lives a little strange
Remember God's something more and repent again to change

(c) February 17, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Eatonville Living Museum - Checkers Outside the General Store

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