Sins of My Father Remembered

Club Abermore -When Music Talks, I Listen
Sins of My Father Remembered
by Michael Doyle

Shadowed in doubt
Trapped within roots
On a planet ringed by orbitals
Seeking, search for any way out
Looking for any solution that contributes
Toward escaping the controls

In the Hotel Nevermore
Is a bottle of tears
For all the lost ways
Watch a drop of whiskey as it pours
A shot glass full of empty years
Of moments, into hours, of days

Honor is a binary code
Promises made and rendered
Cashed in on when chips are down
Speaking softly of debts owed
Cashed in promises like debts tendered
For a touch of my feet on the ground

Stepping into my father's shoes
I've often found they don't fit
Sometimes that is good; sometimes bad
In a life lived like the clickbait of a million views
And society's sarcasm passes as wit
Mostly, I've been too busy living to be sad

There are screams into the night
That I've kept suppressed inside
The horrors of comfortable nightmares
Abiding inside the thoughts not quite right
Seldom shared and with no one in whom to confide
My dreams rise to escape these snares

Every time that I have been gorgonized
Turns the very core of my soul to stone
With only my purest love to cling to
The ambitions of emptiness makes me hypnotized
With the knowledge that I must atone
Quietly carrying the sins of my father will no longer do

(c) February 18, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Wonderland 2.0 -  Entering the Dreamscape

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