We’ll Burn Our Memory

TAO  - Fundraiser for Feed A Smile - Pure and I as Winter Dryads Dancing
We'll Burn Our Memory
by Michael Doyle

There is nothing more human
Then knowing that you are broken
As time slips by as it can
And words meander or are unspoken

Time is fleeting and not to squander
Let me entreat you to spend yours well
There are so many paths to wander
As if under life's last cast spell

Fire lights up the night's skies
While we wish things could be undone
The details dance in our eyes
Wishing for one more battle to be won

There are cracks in our armor
That are noticeable but ignored
A weakness exposed when we fall before amour
Though our better senses are left unexplored

Life has its limits, these keep us human
An inner voice calls on me to make it right
Giving my inner essence in all that I can
As I look at you one last time and love your inner light

From the ashes of our bitter defeat
We rise up in the shine of victory
We each have a difference to make on these streets
Calling fire from the sky, we'll burn our memory

With every tomorrow we carry our past
The selected choices come rushing up fast
In choosing yet to once again forget
We live for hope and promise not to regret

(c) February 23, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Isles - We'll Burn the Sky

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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