A Servant of His People

A Servant of His People
by Michael Doyle

My hat is off to Volodymyr Zelensky
As with his courage, he steps into history
He has consistently proven his fitness
As the heroic man becomes a remarkable witness

Once a comedian who commanded laughter
He has proven himself a worthy character
A humble everyman fights the tyranny of corruption
Then suddenly a role becomes his life's disruption

Some had treated this with suspicious derision
Frightened of the chance of emotional manipulation
But now as he is subjected to the worse of stress tests
Zelensky has proven himself above contest

With a single statement uttered in utmost grace
As with courage, he has humbly taken his embrace
With a prayer that he and his nation will persevere
He quietly states that for now he is still here

But tomorrow, Russia may soon take away his life
Yet, he will not submit cowardly before this strife
Today, a diminutive man stands at least ten feet tall
And will not stumble; nor does he plan his own fall

The fight is there and what he needs is ammunition
Living for tomorrow is not his greatest ambition
And while a tyrant threatens his death as imminent
Zelensky's character is and will remain preeminent

With great humility and without any wrongful pride
The Ukrainian president refuses an American ride
Rising from a metropolis of blast furnaces, he is the fire
Forged and burning bright willing one Ukraine as his desire

Blood and soil is not a cause now for any detachment
But rather in validation of the growth of his attachment
Zelensky chooses not to shake before the historic antecedent
Willing to die if need be as shown in this week's precedent

With this step he erases the gap between the elite
And the everyday Ukrainian people filling the street
Bodies and bicycles thrown before oncoming Russian tanks
Zelensky shows fortitude, staying with grace and in thanks

Willing to suffer the same terror and coming deprivation
Sealing his fate and soul forever with the Ukrainian nation
In his service to the people, Zelensky is a living inspiration
In service to his people and the Ukraine nation

(c) February 26, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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