Living Scripture

God's House Of Prayer - Sharpened By the Word
Living Scripture
by Michael Doyle

We started church with a prayer for Ukraine
I can only further pray it is not in vain
The horrors that they are going through
Can only be endured by the strength of how God is true

Turning next in our Sunday's humble worship
We turned to a study of needed stewardship
Be faithful in giving your very best
By doing this, it is how we pass the test

Jesus as the first born and before everything
Shows the example of holding back nothing
In the image of the invisible God, He is first
The living water by which we quench our thirst

To live the fullness of this legacy
We must live in the splendor of God's majesty
Ready to give an account of placed priority
As we have been trusted in by the Divinity

As we look around, all that we do see
Belongs to only one, the Lord in all His dignity
It's the way of holiness to recognize God's preeminence
And by doing so, trusting in the God of providence

God in all of his ever present glory
Is the best ever lived presence of mystery
Suffering for our faith, we stay the course
Because we have known the sanctity of the source

It's a matter of also knowing our responsibility
And living our duty to our greatest capacity
Living to give our first and our very best
Trusting in God that He'll do the rest

Whether from the highest peak or a jail cell
We should rejoice in our escape from living Hell
Rejoice and be glad in all that is done
All in the name of the Father and the Son

We must put God's sacrifices before all eyes
Revealing the message of God without surprise
Each of us is obligated to do as we must do
Keeping the glory of God before this world's view

Making disciples from all the reached nations
Offering up the ways of our humbled salvation
The word of God must be fully given and known
In all the ways that we show and have been shown

(c) February 27, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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