Wedded To A Narrative

The Far Away 2021  - So.. Inserting Messenger RNA Into DNA Won't Alter DNA?  Who Needs the Lie Detector, Doc?
Wedded To A Narrative
by Michael Doyle

Wedded to a narrative
We forget the slavery of today
Civil rights racketeers
Do little to nothing
To ease the world's tears

There are incentives to embrace
Truths forgotten without trace
Combatting the great reset takes voice
To stand together, we are the majority
We must speak up for commonsense
And ignore the false pejority
Telling the technocrats to leave us alone

The prophets of socialism speak of doom
While the working class is living a boom
Wokenesss doesn't work; it's a sham
We must shear off the doomsayer's glam
There is that gets better through false narrative

Free market policies or failed Marxism
We must speak the truth with optimism
Equality of opportunity can not race-based equity
Is the surest course to economic liberty
Ignoring the data gets us no better weather

Social policy does not exist inside a vacuum
What doesn't work elsewhere will not work here
And what does work, should be what is done
That is how this battle will be won
We will all rise with the morning's tide

(c) February 28, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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