Active Intellect

Seven Days - Painted Into A Corner By Thinking
Active Intellect
by Michael Doyle

Woke is an attack on accountability
It has nothing to do with predictability
But instead, an attack on the human soul
The methodology of this is wicked control

Life is meant to be a partnership
And not a thing of one-sided worship
The things to fix are those intentional
Not knowing is a matter of the correctional

Human beings are not to do only what is said
But given free rein over heart and over head
Gaining experiences are what is to be had
To encourage this is how to teach good from bad

There is no better way than to search one's mind
To do less is how to leave one's soul behind
Objectivity is the start of the best discussion
To stifle this has its implosive repercussions

From the moment born, we are speaking
And soon enough, we are actively thinking
The forms of de anime come into play
And active intellect starts to be on display

To be human is to need to think and understand
And to count greater things than fingers on our hands
It would be tyrannical to fail to invite to know
Because it is the stretch of learning that brings us to grow

It takes courage to think freely
With roots set in the power of liberty
Each person is as good as their character and morality
To do without either is often our fatality

There are no final answers to be given
To enforce one is to not ever be forgiven
A human soul is meant for something more
It is to seek past the accidental factors and soar

(c) March 1, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The White Armory - Modern Day Thinkerer Of Olden Day Thoughts

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