Parasitic Pathogens

Kontucci Magical Forest & Park -The Panda Chior Sings Xīn Nián Hǎo Ya As A Tradition
Parasitic Pathogens
by Michael Doyle

Parasitic pathogens
Effect our society
Whether it's the lunacy
Of the politically correct
Or the social construction
That derives from mass anxiety
Of tribalistic social identity

Diversity, identity, and equity
Each seeks allegiance to its ideology
Bad ideas escape the laboratory
We should never surrender to this epistemology
It's prophetic satire that is coming true
When universal truths have been called out in lies

And yet, still truth is still true
These are only the noises of post-modernism
Yet, these possess the consuming instinct for de minimis
All the truths, the Woke openly despise
It is a steady march away from reason
That tabula rasa turns out to be partial deception
Who knew this would be called misconception

Nomologically we network the cumulative evidence
Citing only that which has the most reliance
No matter how we shape the modernist blender
The boys and girls across the ages do render
The similar adherence to truth that brings condemnation
And depending on the biased feelings as valid explanation
Is accepted when truth should be sought unencumbered

Society should have no room to stifle free speech
Individual dignity requires keeping reason within reach
The blue-haired Taliban have become grotesque
They are best at mocking and standing for the risque
We should instead be ideologically fierce and brave
Because it is for our liberty that we now fight to save
And fight we must from the cradle to the intellectual grave

(c) March 3, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Lady Liberty Salutes America

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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