Break the Bias

Today March 8, 2022, is the the International Day of Women. This year there is a special emphasis on breaking the bias in gender inequality. I think that while there might be some factors involved in this day that might be subject to debate by some Christians, one thing we can all agree on is that if a woman is doing equal work, she deserves equal pay for her efforts. There are numerous such examples of reasons why to support a day to recognize the need for women to be treated fairly and decently. One example of things some will find cause to argue with are perceptions of whether or not abortion is a negative or a positive. It might be reasonable to say that people such as myself are not going to be argued into supporting abortion. Equally, it might be said that there are others who will not be argued into taking pro-life positions. All the same, we should move past these areas of disagreement enough to say that women deserve a special day for recognition and this is one of several.

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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