The Knife Slipped In

The Dunes of La Vie 2020 - Between the Blades
The Knife Slipped In 
by Michael Doyle

With the surrender of human freedom
The therapeutic class becomes a fiefdom
Each criminal a victim of circumstance
Simply put they have become marionettes of happenstance

Those meant to help come to equally defend
With the incomes and career on which they depend
The academic elite takes its decided pass
In creating the conditions of an underclass

In a philosophical decomposition into permanent wards
Moving as these are and do, ever towards
When virtue signaling meets self-interest
It's a virtual cuckoo's nest of the self-confessed

Describing lives lived in victimhood and passivity
The knives slip in with ever greater receptivity
The will of the killer is removed to almost nothing
Now tell me, mother, isn't that really something?

Caught up in so many vapid rationalizations
As the government offers its self-serving justification
Instead of responsibility for abandoning virtue
It's everyone else's fault from the criminal's view

Caught up in a lawless consensus of pessimism
Instead of doing better, it's easier blaming re-activism
In an endless cycle of self-fulfilling bereavement
They waltz on by the reality of Asian-American achievement

Some politicians rather than accept risk and liberty
Have attempted to mask us all into a hapless mentality
With arguments unconvincing to all but shrill partisans
The people become reduced to subjects instead of citizens

Is our role to be relegated to a welfare state
In which colorless technocrats seal our fate
As we are relieved from the daily stresses of living
By turning a blind eye and constantly forgiving

Until finally, life becomes a spooned out good
Instead of insisting on a civil society understood
Speech and freedoms read are our best, simple advice
Rather than becoming serfs to the bureaucratic price

(c) March 19, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Nagare no Shimajima - A Million Miles Away

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