Torn As A Teenage Girl’s Heart

Dyrhólaey - Gyrfalcon
Torn As A Teenage Girl's Heart
by Michael Doyle

This one has me in tears before I even start
Watching torn as a teenage girl's heart
The princess who loved me like her biggest hero
Yells at me and treats me as less than zero

Only to an hour later climb into my arms
As if she suddenly remembers her daddy's charms
It's not like I don't get that she's growing older
And that her feelings are making her bolder

But, what happened to all the love and respect
Is it somehow, something that I've managed to neglect
The wise woman who has studied this for years
Offers me a Kleenex and a blessing for my tears

She'll grow out of this or so it's said
But when her hormones rage, I'd rather be dead
My crime is listening to her and helping her out
And she has decided this indicates doubt

That she has this thing and will prevail
Yet, I tell that I know this and am on her side as well
And she smiles sweetly and says she know this
Please tell me exactly what is it I manage to miss

The hour has grown late and she's asleep in her bed
Resting there so beautiful, pillow to her head
And my heart hurts, she always knew I was her best friend
And now suddenly it's as if life has met its upend

All these feelings rushing out with their intensity
Taken by me, so they tell me, all too seriously
Yet she and her sister have been my reason for living
For years now always there loving and forgiving

The wise lady tells me that she'll turn around again
When the teen years are over and remember I'm her best friend
And maybe I'm too sensitive because I give them my all
Thinking on sleeping now, wishing the tears to stop their fall

Funny how I was supposed to be the one that nothing could kill
Only to have my oldest daughter's temper destroy my will
I want to reach out and hold her close and hold her tight
Instead, I just look and quietly whisper again one more good night

(c) March 25, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Gooseberry Estates - The Forest

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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