The End of Everything

Alpha Moon - Crossing the River Styx
The End of Everything
by Michael Doyle

Beware of a woman's scorn
And the wrath that follows
You'll find more than halo torn
When descending into those hollows

Crippling revenge bring no justice
Euripides puts tragedy into practice
Finding that stronger than a lover's love
There are wounds incurable even by Heaven above

These are found in a lover's hate
That comes like a jagged twist of fate
Incurable as the wounds this makes
This takes a price, no mortal can fake

Talk this sense and be called foolish
Jason learned this as his quests were fruitless
Hate's bottomless cup continues in its pour
When honeyed words come from evil mind we must endure

Too often love is greater than wisdom
And when that ends it causes a fatal schism
Believing herself wronged, a woman's thoughts turn to blood
Such that gods and children killed sink into mired mud

In child birth, grief soon begins
But its the betrayals of life that does us in
As embittered women seek to shake the universe
A soul convinced it's been bitten may become perverse

No one can stop grief's avalanche as it starts to roll
And neither the gods or man can hope to cajole
All humans shun what death does in its fits bring
For what does it bring but the end to everything

(c) March 27, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Euripides’ The Madea

Dyrhólaey - Cormorant Looking For Some Heat On A Foggy Day

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