In A Spoiler Alert

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In A Spoiler Alert
by Michael Doyle

Here we are quite certain at the end of days
That all around might want to change our ways
In a spoiler alert, there is a God of creation
Meander across His words of sacred communication

It's no secret know we are made each of us in image
Revealed as male and female in no secret knowledge
Cool as the uncool is in the reality that seems
These are the truths of simpler sorts of dreams

There are a lot of subtleties to the bell curve meme
From Forrest Gumps to Jedi masters, we play out the scene
There is a lot to fear for the losses of legitimacy
In what passes for the jokes of modernistic intimacy

Creation's God speaks the language of all that matters
As the pretense of neutrality all but abruptly shatters
We like children gather quietly around the Lord's feet
Revealing the truth that speaks too loud to be discrete

I, for one, refuse to surrender to soul withering dystopia
Preferring instead to keep transfixed on ideals of utopia
I will not be mired down by any earthly analogue of Hell
My future rests in a higher place than this nightmare's details

It is a weightless moment when I become mixed up in my head
Is it too late for most to sort out the truth of all that's said?
Denizens of Huxley's brave new world fulfill their social classes
It is increasingly harder to see beyond these fogged up glasses

Amused by the meaningless encounters happy as its own tautology
When even a judge cannot answer the simple questions of biology
How did the drabness of life become too bleak to be our reality?
When do ghosts of past, present, and future become eventuality?

We have become an audience overwhelmed through our own revulsion
By the changes called progress as if through some compulsion
One in six Americans have joined the ranks of the self-medicated
It is a if this abdication is one of free will and premeditated

Abortion has, indeed, become the leading cause of all other death
Can you say that aloud without gasping for one more drawn breath?
As we look on, purveyors of this mass encampment of extermination
Taken in witness to the truth of a lie's lasting termination

An autistic battlefield of the real life that sucks away our soul
While we shake our heads painfully aware that we've lost control
As gender activists seek to erase what it means to be truly human
Disdainful of the gifts God has given as only a foolish tribe can

My God how have we forsaken thee, in displaying highest of IQ
By forgetting the wisdom in all that you have done and will do
And replacing Hell for Heaven through some blithe moral idiocy
That our descendants will curse us in their bittersweet legacy

Inevitably morphed into Homo Deus only to find everlasting pleasure
Is something that falls far too short from Heaven's true treasure
Yet something in our hearts rebel in the quiet vastness of majority
None too eager to join in and throw away our vestiges of humanity

Untold beauty is left to be found and cherished in inequality
The parameters of struggle revealed as lives lived beyond tragedy
No longer afraid really to fear all that we are told we are to fear
As we make our last stands on the islands kept in hearts held near

At childhood's end, Lucifer brings light that burns like fire
As we forget our savior's sacrifice for sake of our twisted desire
Where is the paradise that humanity gave up in our days of infancy
Motherless materialism has birthed our children into days of lunacy

God will speak final words fresh as the creation of nature's matter
Guardian Angels fold wings in defense as our world shatters
In faith and belief standing firm against the chaos we have grown
Tall as the towers of Babylon that we should have seen and known

(c) April 2, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
NEO-Japan Event

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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