In the Face of Your Holiness

Mieville's Haunted Santa Fe, NM - Grin Into the Face of the Abyss
In the Face of Your Holiness
by Michael Doyle

In the face of your holiness
I acknowledge my sin
Knowing your faithfulness and depending on this
Rolling like a stone from tomb again

All of my burdens, you carry
In the reliance that you will not vary
In accepting my contrition
Despite the seriousness of my condition

When my soul needed a friend
I found on your love, I could always depend
Dropped balls and bad jokes come with a price
But it'd be better still to follow Godly advice

The heart is what matters most
And must be kept pure by heavenly host
Keeping out the sins we cannot mask
Leaked out across the generations taken to task

How can we walk instead in the ways of love
Keeping the commands of our God up above
We must keep in light and in fullest devotion
Kept in faith and in truest emotion

(c) April 3, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Black Kite - On the Third Day, He Rose

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